7 Inspirational Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

It’s been a few years since you moved into your house. You had big plans for your unfinished basement, but as life got busy, it fell to the wayside.

If you’re getting tired of looking at unfinished walls and a concrete floor, but you don’t know how to make the most of the blank canvas that awaits you, here are seven creative design concepts that will inspire you to get to work on planning your lower level retreat:

1. Guest Suite Oasis

Guest rooms are great, but what if you could create an entire suite for when people come to stay? If you regularly have houseguests, this gives both you and them a lot more space and privacy. Add in a kitchenette, living area, and bathroom so your guests can feel more at home.

2. Private Sports Bar

Watching the game amidst a hoard of cheering, half-cut fans can be fun, but it’s not always your idea of a great Tuesday night. For those evenings spent in, your own private sports bar will let you relax with family and friends, and watch the game with a beer and snacks in hand. Feature your favourite sports teams in the décor, and of course, don’t forget the Lazy-Boy chairs!

3. “Netflix & Chilled” Home Theatre

Chilly evenings keeping you cooped up inside can be made more enjoyable with a home theatre room. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Make sure you have lots of comfy seating for friends, and add pillows and throw blankets for easy access when you want to curl up. Add in a bar space with a mini-fridge and some pre-popped corn and snacks, and you’ll have everything you could need without heading upstairs. Plus, think about all the money you can save by bringing the theatre home to you!

4. Creative Think-Space

The “study” used to be a main feature in homes, but unfortunately, it’s fallen to the wayside. If you’re a book-lover and need your own space to think, relax, and get creative, a modern version of the study is the perfect use for that basement space. You can arrange shelves however you want. Make sure you have a space to curl up with a book, and a separate workspace to get creative. Keep the design simple and sleek so you have a blank canvas to inspire those “aha!” moments.

5. Full Service Fitness & Health Retreat

A healthy lifestyle is so much easier to follow when your space reflects your goals. Create a health retreat for yourself. You can include a home gym, a smoothie bar, a meditation room, and a spa. Include a television so you can easily switch on a workout program or watch something while on the treadmill or elliptical.

6. Multi-Functional Space Saver

If your basement is already brimming with boxes and storage, why not make some simple improvements so things are easier to find and use? You can separate your space into different areas. For example, crafty people can have a craft corner where all their supplies are neatly arranged and labelled. Grab a few shelving units from your nearest Edmonton renovation store, and you’ll be ready to get organized.

7. Attached Income Property

If you’re looking to make your basement renovation into a true investment with excellent returns, you can set the space up for renting. A rental suite for tenants can bring you some extra money each month. Be sure to include excellent lighting and an open concept design in your plans, which will attract tenants. You also need to make sure everything is up to code for a rental suite. If you need more information about this, please feel free to give us a call!

Need more inspiration or some creative advice? Check out our previous projects for fun and modern ideas for every space! We’re experts in Edmonton renovation projects, and we love to show off our work!

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