Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2019

Kitchen renovations are increasingly popular this year. They add immediate value and can completely change the feel of your home. Plus, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want to be able to enjoy the space. In order to fully appreciate your renovation, you might want to take some time to plan out the design. First, you’ll want to know what’s popular in the world of kitchens so you can wow your friends, family, and dinner party guests with your brand-new kitchen.

Here are some of the biggest kitchen renovation trends of 2019 to consider before you begin your renovation.

Stainless Steel is Leaving

When it comes to kitchen appliances stainless steel has long reigned supreme. In 2019, however, stainless steel has to make room, because new matte appliances are coming in.

A much cooler, less reflective matte finish is replacing the shiny stainless steel we’ve all come to know. And there are a few benefits to this. Stainless steel seems to attract and show off any fingerprints or dirt. A matte finish will actually help disguise this, making your cleaning routine a little easier. They’re also incredibly sleek and modern in appearance.

Quartz is Here to Stay

For any style of kitchen, quartz provides a range of beautiful colours, it’s extremely durable, and fortunately it looks like quartz is here to stay.

When we were first introduced to quartz, there was some concern about its appearance. But as technology improved, so did the appearance of quartz. It now mimics a beautiful natural stone like granite but is much easier to clean and has added durability. While quartz isn’t going anywhere in 2019, the style is changing slightly – we’re now starting to see more warm neutral colours and natural veining.

New Dark Cabinet Colours

While white cabinets are classic, almost timeless, the trend toward all white kitchen cabinets is on its way out. The all-white kitchen is hard to keep clean, can feel overly sterile, and isn’t very homey. Now replacing the white cabinets are darker, warmer colours. We’re starting to see more people using colours like blues and greens and even purples to give their kitchen a more dramatic look.

Some people who already have white cabinets are incorporating these warm colours into their kitchens in other ways. You can expect to see dark wood in islands, countertops, and backsplashes offsetting white cabinets.

Innovative Hardware

Something you might not think much about is your kitchen’s hardware. You pick out a set of handles for your cabinets and you’re done, right? Not anymore. There are new trends for handles, including leather or even having no handles at all.

There are actually plenty of different hardware options for your kitchen that can provide a quick and cost-effective update – even some you might not be aware of! For example did you know you could forgo handles all together? That’s right, you could have sleek, clean cabinets without handles (think magnetic push-doors). Or, you could have your handles built right into the cabinet doors. Another growing trend is to use leather rings or strips as handles. So don’t be afraid to get a little creative in your kitchen remodel this year!

Start Your Kitchen Renovation

Before you begin your kitchen renovations, make sure you consider what you need from the space. Are you a master chef? Do you have a growing family? Or are you looking to wow people with your amazing space? Knowing what you need for your kitchen will help you decide which of these trends is right for you!

Once you’ve mulled over the possibilities, we can get to work making your dream a reality. To learn more about our kitchen designs and renovations visit our Kitchens page.

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